Building software that requires machine intelligence? Use IA’s GAIuS framework.

Don’t re-invent machine intelligence. Focus on your application. Let GAIuS provide the intelligence behind it.

GAIuS provides information processing, machine intelligence, learning, pattern recognition, and a decision engine in a comprehensive formal system. Separate application and intelligence layers allow for easier code development, integration, and management.

GAIuS is cognitive theory-agnostic, and approaches problem solving differently.

GAIuS doesn’t require extensive pre-programming and there is no knowledge engineering involved.

GAIuS intelligence emerges as an artifact of the combination of data, environment, and GAIuS configuration.

GAIuS learns from the data itself utilizing unique configurable modular elements called “primitives” and “manipulatives” - concepts analogous to graph nodes and edges - which determine the behavior of an agent.

Build agents using configuration files.

Evolve agents using IA’s Machine Evolution Services.

Recognize, Predict, Decide, Act, Evolve

GAIuS is a general machine intelligence framework. It is an information processing pattern recognition, object classification, decision and action engine capable of predicting and analyzing structured / unstructured, linear / non-linear, time-independent / time-dependent data. GAIuS Agents can be networked together to share and process information.

GAIuS is designed to be a black-box solution for intelligence in any domain. Yet it retains the flexibility to allow developers and researchers to include their own custom algorithms (or secret sauce!) within a self-consistent formal system.


GAIuS is a software framework that separates the application and data layers from the machine intelligence layer. This unique separation allows for greater flexibility, robustness, compatibility, and rapid development of both the application and the intelligence layers. Updates to one layer are independent of updates to the other layer. Agents can be made from this framework to interact with an application. Application developers without any AI background can add intelligence to their application by using GAIuS agents.

Edition feature comparisons

Features Freemium SaaS Enterprise
Commercial Use No Yes Yes
Support Community IA IA
Max processors 4 No Limit No Limit
Available KBs Mongo Multiple Multiple
Sharable KBs No Yes Yes
Multi-server Architecture No Yes Yes
Automated KB Trimming No Yes Yes
Signal Discovery No Yes Yes
Automated Noise Removal No Yes Yes
Evolution Engine No Yes Yes

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