What if software can learn and set its own goals?

What if software can be trained naturally?

What if software can recognize, predict, decide, and act?

What if software can have DNA and evolve?

What if that software, is your software?

About GAIuS technology

Imagine a future when artificial intelligence has become commonplace.

Applications will benefit from natural speech recognition, image comprehension, pattern discovery, concept analysis -the list is endless- will use AI. Industries from automotive and housing to the military and mobile super-smart phones will have integrated AI into their products.

What will all these AIs have in common?  GAIuS: General Artificial Intelligence using Software, an information processing framework which allows application developers to embed AI, pre-programmed machine learning, without writing a line of code!

GAIuS is designed to be a black-box solution for intelligence in any domain.  Yet it retains the flexibility to allow developers and researchers to include their own custom algorithms (or secret sauce!) within a self-consistent formal system.

Intelligent Artifacts uses GAIuS as its all-purpose development platform. GAIuS is a software framework that separates the application and data layers from the intelligent machine learning layer.  This unique separation allows for greater flexibility, robustness, compatibility, and rapid development of both the application and the intelligence layers.  Updates to one layer are independent of updates to the other layer.

GAIuS is a pattern recognition, object classification, decision and action engine. Both time-independent and time-dependent patterns are recognized and classified. It is capable of predicting and analyzing unstructured, non-linear data. Processing starts from the perception layer (raw data), through the pattern recognition and classification (time-independent and time-dependent) layers, then through a decision engine, and finally through an action layer. GAIuS Agents can be networked together to share and process information. Using GAIuS’ integrated genetic configuration system, agents can be added together and evolve well beyond their original design.

GAIuS is not a toolbox or a library of algorithms. It is an information processing framework that allows companies without in-house artificial intelligence experts to create intelligent agents by configuring the framework for their purposes. What makes it unique is that GAIuS agents do not get programmed – the developer is not required to write any AI code. Instead, the agents learn naturally from their data feeds and can be trained naturally by the end user. The agent is able to classify, sequence, predict, and decide. If the agent has actions available to it, it will figure out a way to use those actions to best improve its situation in its particular environment. Agent development becomes a matter of connecting informational components together in a network structure.

GAIuS is being tested in industries as diverse as:

  • BIG DATA – massive, unstructured, highly diverse, multiple-thousand source problem set for pattern recognition and prediction
  • eCommerce - next generation advanced recommendation engine
  • Robotics – enhancing 3rd gen production line processes, off-road vehicular “sight” systems
  • Insurance – pre-trial & trial litigation information gathering and decision making
  • Medical – echo cardiogram & MRI machine reading for fraud detection and diagnosis
  • Security and Vulnerability Assessment – analysis of Big Data for predicting cyber attacks
  • Smart Phone/Recreational Apps  - use of mobile sensors, cameras, GPS, etc. for natural training

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