What if software can learn and set its own goals?

What if software can be trained naturally?

What if software can recognize, predict, decide, and act?

What if software can have DNA and evolve?

What if that software, is your software?


  1. Works in any agent environment (fully/partially observable, deterministic/stochiastic, episodic/sequential, static/dynamic, discrete/continuous, structured/unstructured)
  2. Cognitive-theory agnostic process.
  3. Domain-independent automatic generation of internal representations and knowledge bases.
  4. Trigger and/or reinforcement-based supervised learning.
  5. Natural unsupervised learning of environment.
  6. Time-dependent event predictions.
  7. Decision Engine based on maximum expected utility (MEU).
  8. Configurable parameters mold GAIuS agent’s desired behavior.
  9. Genetically Configurable Parameters (GCP) allow automated agent creation and improvements.
  10. Scalable modular architecture.
  11. Plug-in customized code.
  12. Input multiple, simultaneous real-time feeds.
  13. Output commands, actions, processed information.
  14. Eliminates knowledge engineering.

… and much more!

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