What if software can learn and set its own goals?

What if software can be trained naturally?

What if software can recognize, predict, decide, and act?

What if software can have DNA and evolve?

What if that software, is your software?


There are many opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence in the medical industry. In fact, decades ago, the medical community in cooperation with our National Science Foundation correctly predicted the “Big Data” age for medicine, in which data would be so massive no singly physician could possibly cope with it. They correctly anticipated the use of intelligent machines supporting the physician’s role.

Already, many expert systems assist in the diagnosis and even treatment of disease.  These systems, however, are often outdated as soon as they are turned on, and are not designed for generational improvement.  Often systems are unable to adapt to changes in their environment, now a critical success factor for the wide deployment of diagnostic tools.  If there is a local outbreak of a virus, these systems are incapable of including this information in their diagnosis.

GAIuS is supporting the use of expert systems which can improve by learning dynamically “on the job”, not from being pre-programmed.  Contextual information (is there an outbreak?) can be absorbed, learned from and acted on.  Multiple GAIuS expert systems can be joined together, each providing their expertise, to help diagnose and treat.

Currently, Intelligent Artifacts is working with a number of medical device companies including AMID, Advanced Medical Imaging Development, creating automated and intelligent solutions for medical imaging diagnosis and fraud detection.

If you have a medical project that involves:

  • previously unsolved machine learning applications
  • pattern extraction
  • BIG DATA – massive, unstructured/structured, highly diverse, incompatibly formatted, 10s to 1,000s of sources
  • the automation of manual processes
  • visual analysis
  • combining multiple complex systems
  • fraud detection

and would like to know how Intelligent Artifacts and GAIuS can be applied to provide break-through performance to your medical problem set, let’s arrange an initial exploratory discussion.

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