What if software can learn and set its own goals?

What if software can be trained naturally?

What if software can recognize, predict, decide, and act?

What if software can have DNA and evolve?

What if that software, is your software?

Our products

GAIuS SaaS Edition
Cloud based information processing framework that allows application developers to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, classifications, learning capabilities, pattern recognition, and meta-knowledge processing into their product.

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GAIuS Enterprise Edition
An advanced, proprietary, commercially licensed GAIuS geared for large-scale deployments, real-time systems, mobile, medical, robotics, tactic knowledge transformation, embedded systems, machine self-learning etc. with technical and systems integration support.  GAIuS EE is designed to relieve the application developer from writing machine learning code.

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GAIuS 3.0

Happy 6th Birthday, GAIuS!

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Nibiru Unleashed!

Did the Mayans predict the end of the world?  Perhaps, that depends on your definition. GAIuS 1.0 codenamed Nibiru has been re…