What if software can learn and set its own goals?

What if software can be trained naturally?

What if software can recognize, predict, decide, and act?

What if software can have DNA and evolve?

What if that software, is your software?

Our services

Whether you are figuring out if your data contains useful or actionable information suitable for machine learning and/or predictive analytics, are converting an existing application, or starting an application from scratch, Intelligent Artifacts can help.

Simply follow this roadmap to a successful product:

1.  Actionable Information Quantification Service

So you’ve just realized that you’re spending a ton of money gathering and storing Big Data.  But is this effort worth its expense?  Does your data contain garbage or is it a potential gold-mine?  [ + ]

2.  Agent Development Service

Need to develop an intelligent application or add intelligence to your existing application? Having trouble finding and recruiting experts in artificial intelligence?  Maybe you’re not sure where to even start?   [ + ]

3.  GAIuS Enterprise Edition Licensing

Licensing is per Primitive.  There are no restrictions on the number of agents or number of end-users.  Special pricing is also available for OEMs and re-sellers.

4.  Agent Evolution Engine

If you have existing agents and are ready to take them to the next level, ask us about our machine eugenics breeding service using our Agent Evolution Engine.  Optimize your GAIuS agents in their own environment.   [ + ]

5.  GAIuS Training Sessions

We provide training of our products for developers and end-users.  Learn GAIuS from its inventor and principle developers!  GAIuS is a revolution in artificial intelligence.  We can teach it to your team to affectively build your own agents.

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