What if software can learn and set its own goals?

What if software can be trained naturally?

What if software can recognize, predict, decide, and act?

What if software can have DNA and evolve?

What if that software, is your software?


Predicting what may happen next is a critical component to all types of security.  Whether monitoring closed-circuit camera feeds or computer network traffic, when a prediction of acceptable behavior breaks down, then you know something is wrong.

GAIuS’ built-in predictive analytics can tell you not only what it was expecting to observe, but what it didn’t observe, what it observed instead, and how much of a difference there is between expected and observed.  This automated method of discovering patterns and anomalies, particularly from massive, highly diverse, unstructured data, is key to automating all aspects of security.

Use GAIuS for your next security-related project to reduce or eliminate manual overhead and add new dimensions of intelligence to your thinking and capabilities.

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