We created COGNITUUM to provide a new way for organizations to continuously improve & evolve.

Today, we build a platform that provides elite performance by enabling the right decision from the right data delivered in the right way, at the right time.

Here are some things COGNITUUM can do:


A COGNITUUM Agent can recognize what its seeing. It can be used to “classify” objects based on data.


Our agents can make predictions of future events and their utility (i.e. how good or bad that future is expected to be).


COGNITUUM provides predictions about the future, as well as, the un-observed past. It describes the “present” state (i.e. recognition & classifications), and returns anomalies, i.e what is missing &/or extra in the current observation compared with what it was expecting.


Three factors affect the Agent’s behavior:

  1. The Genome.

    The genome is your COGNITUUM agent configuration. It consists of various connections and parameters that can be changed for the specific environment or problem the agent faces. Changing the genome changes the agent’s behavior.

  2. Your Data.

    Whether your data is streaming live, provided manually, or given as a bulk training session, the agent will learn from it. Unlike other techniques, learning isn’t a one-time event for your agent. It will continue learning new data, in real-time. No a priori classifications are needed. No knowledge engineering is needed. And you don’t need to know anything about your data before giving it to an agent. The agent’s behavior adapts to the data it receives.

  3. Feedback From You or Its Environment.

    The agent can be trained to change its behavior through operant conditioning or reinforcement learning. The agent changes its behavior to achieve the goals you or the environment have provided through positive or negative feedback.