Our Solutions Evolve with Genetic Algorithms


Genie’s proprietary cognitive computing model uses insights from nature to address extreme complexity. Even using all the world’s best minds, there are more problems, each with its own complexities and nuances, than could be manually solved and converted to programs. In fact, it is impossible to manually program intelligence that can adapt to any situation. There are far too many variables and situations to consider. No army of engineers nor programmers will ever be able to write code to handle the multitude of possibilities.

Nature has solved this problem by creating elements that evolve based on their environment. Good solutions breed to produce new solutions, with poor ones becoming extinct and better solutions surviving.

We use Genetic Algorithms to mutate their parameters to automatically create new, novel solutions.

You can also breed solutions together – multiple Genie Agents can be created and the best be bred together to produce offspring with desirable characteristics. This process is similar to breeding of animals to produce behaviors that humans find useful.

Genie’s simple API – compatible with numerous languages and development tools – makes it easy to create a genie, add its intelligence to virtually any application, and begin reaping the machine intelligence rewards. The application provides a genie with data, and genie returns knowledge, decisions, recommendations, and actions.

Unlike other AI solutions, Genie supports both text-based and vector-based data, and doesn’t require converting one into the other! When a developer’s app is ready for classification, pattern recognition, predictions, anomaly detection, or decision support, they simply copy-and-paste the genie’s interface URL into their application and use Genie’s simple API calls. The mess and complexity of machine intelligence has been distilled to five API calls.