COGNITUUM is the next-generation machine intelligence platform that shifts human programmed to automated machine-evolved solutions

The COGNITUUM platform is the convergence of different technologies into a coherent solution to machine intelligence. It provides a viable pathway to truly intelligent, autonomous, evolving machines. This yields unique opportunities for data-driven solutions.


The Convergence of Deep Learning and Big Data

Cognitive processor

The most important, fundamental component of COGNITUUM is its Cognitive Processor.

The Cognitive Processor learns from incoming data, extracts information, recognizes what it’s observing, compares and contrasts it with what it knows, predicts what will happen, and makes decisions aligned with its goals.

The Cognitive Processor does this regardless of the problem domain. Meaning, this process is effective whether the application is intrusion detection, stock market predictions, or machine vision.

Part of COGNITUUM’s power is that it doesn’t model the data at training time. Modeling data at training time prevents real-time learning and causes other issues like “overfitting”. Instead, it indexes data and allows modeling at prediction time. COGNITUUM continues learning from real-world data even after the training period. As an added benefit, it won’t suffer from Catastrophic Forgetting, which is a major limitation of other AI systems.

Cognitive Processors consist of one type of node in a “network topology”. Other nodes provide flexible operations to incoming or outgoing data. Different connections between different nodes change the way information is processed by the AI Agent.




When these nodes are wired in a hierarchical topology, they abstract information from noisy lower layers providing higher layers with more consistent values. This is called “deep learning”. The platform does this without suffering the problems of artificial neural networks (ANNs) or convolutional neural networks (CNN). COGNITUUM doesn’t require that you know the number of classifications in your data or environment ahead of time. In fact, your environment can change by needing more classifications. The COGNITUUM AI Agent´s will automatically adapt and learn these new classifications!


COGNITUUM solutions flourish on Big Data. The more real-world data your agent observes, the better it becomes at its job. The platform is an “information processing” engine that takes raw data and extracts useful or actionable information from it to discover patterns and make predictions.

Does your data contain noise? Don’t worry. COGNITUUM can determine how to separate the signal from that noise. It can even suggest data filtering options to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

Don’t know if your data contains any useful or actionable information? It’s modern information processing algorithms will quantify the amount of useful or actionable information. It will also show you the profile of the kind of data that you have, whether it is robust, trivial, or random as well as the key indicators in your data.

COgnituum AGENTS

COGNITUUM’s platform creates a specific custom agent that adapts to its world in real-time. The agent’s modularity allows simple elements to be wired together in different ways to produce complex behavior.

Agents are created by making a “network topology”.  With standardized inputs and outputs, your AI agent can accept any type of data that your application will encounter in the real-world, including vectors, strings and data from other Agents! Agents can be networked together to share and process information.

The behavior of an agent is controlled by its “DNA” which evolve via genetic algorithms to better suit the agent’s environment. COGNITUUM AI agents mutate and breed to produce more powerful offspring until a desired behavior is obtained.